Thursday, August 24, 2017

Women Will Save The World

Leading women across the nation celebrate the feminine nature through stories of collaboration, creativity, intuition, nurturing, strength, trailblazing, and wisdom in "Women Will Save the World". Inspired by a thought-provoking quote from the Dalai Lama, Bestselling Author, Absolute Love Publishing and Spirited Press Founder Caroline A. Shearer brings these inherent feminine qualities to the forefront, inviting a discussion of the impact women have on humanity and initiating the question: Will Women Save the World? 

"Women Will Save the World" Features...
...Dozens of essays from leading women across the nation
...Profiles of historical women who saved the world through the feminine qualities of collaboration, creativity, intuition, nurturing, strength, trailblazing, and wisdom
...Affirmations to help strengthen these inherent feminine qualities
...Little-known historical timeline with examples of how women have already saved the world in myriad ways

Women Will Save the World - ISBN# 0983301721 - by Caroline A. Shearer with Shirley W. Mitchell & 29 More Participants - Absolute Love Publishing

"Women Will Save The World" is... Celebrating Women, Feminine Values, and the Female Spirit ~ What makes women valuable and an essential part of humanity? What is our impact? How do women and feminine values help the world? This unique selection of worldly feminine have the asnwers...

  • Caroline A. Shearer
  • Shirley W. Mitchell
  • Lorelei Shellist
  • Dr. Katie McCorkle
  • Dr. June Stinchfield
  • Kathleen Aston
  • Mary Ellen Ciganovich
  • Jenny Craig

  • along with... Sally Franz, Terry Grahl, Mary Ellen Ciganovich, Leslie Davenport, Rochelle Forrest, Sarah Hackley, Elizabeth Harper, Michelle Hastie, Catrice M. Jackson, Kiva Leatherman, Sue Lee, Carmel Maguire, Shannon Miller, Kate Neligan, Gayle Newhouse, Kathryn Peters-Brinkley, Dea Shandera, Becky Sheetz-Runkle, Beverly Solomon, Alicia Vargo, Donna Visocky, TenĂ© Williams and Amethyst Wyldfyre.

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